the family church

Going High with The Son...Jesus Christ!


FHC is a non-traditional church that Loves & Serves Jesus, the only Son of God! Please, come AS YOU ARE and find Love, Joy, and Peace, as you have never had before! ALL Walks of Life are welcome here at Family Haven…God has no favorites and neither do we! If you are ready for a change and sick of life the way you know it…this is the Haven for you. For God so Loved the World that He Sent His Only Son that Whoever Believes in Him will Live Forever!

History of FHC

Family Haven Church was founded and established in April of 2005 with the insight and vision of Revs. David & Tammie Storrs,

who are the senior pastors of FHC. 

The heart of Family Haven Church is to reach out to anyone that is sick and tired of barely making it in life and wondering...what is the purpose of being here?

It is here for those who are not comfortable with the normal church tradition and are seeking a experience with a real God.

Jesus desires for each of us to know Him on a deep real level. One to one...heart to heart! Jesus & Family Haven are not

 about what you have done in the past BUT about what the future can hold for you. Tomorrow is a new day and it is time to get serious with the

Creator of the Universe. Family Haven Church is here for you! We are a group of people/families that put Jesus first and care deeply about each other.

FHC is a non-profit church organization and alldonations are tax deductible, as allowed by law.