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Going High with The Son...Jesus Christ!


Biker Haven Church is a non-profit religious organization. 

we are 501c3 incorporated

Your gift is tax deductible, as allowed by law.  Thank you for your gift!



ebay giving works mission--

Biker Haven Church is now set up with mission fish and ebay giving works:

We are approved to sell for the church via ebay and the church will receive 100% of the profit minus a small listing amount.  We can take donations from matchbox to antique to collectables to homes to vehicles and everything in between.  Also if you are an ebay seller, you can choose the ebay mission "Biker Haven Church" in your listing process and donate 10-100% of your ebay sales to go directly into the church fund and your listing fees will be much cheaper for you.

We are excited to be able to sell and receive donations and thank you for your consideration of this. We have a seller to sell for the church that has sold over 3000 items on ebay and does a fine job.

check out our ebay link at:

God bless you all!!!

contact Pastor Dave if you have something to donate for the sales @ 570-596-2039